OCCSW Okaloosa County Commission on the Status of Women

1997 Okaloosa County Women's Hall of Fame Honorees

Soledad Bennes - Pioneer Award

Soledad Bennes - Worked to create better understanding of Asian cultures with a heritage festival, active with the Fil-Am Association and helped Asian newcomers in the area. Pioneer Inductee, inducted posthumously in 1997.

Camilla Caley - Contemporary Award

Camilla Caley - Began volunteering in 1969 as a Girl Scout leader, helped create the Rape Victim Advocate Program and the only shelter for spouse abuse victims. A licensing counselor for foster care with the Department of Children and Families. Contemporary Inductee in 1997.

Christian LaRoche - Pioneer Award

Christian LaRoche - a Pioneer Inductee for preserving the history of Okaloosa County at the Heritage Museum, which displays the many contributions women have made. Pioneer inductee in 1997.

1997 Honorees

Soledad Bennes
Pioneer Award

Camilla Caley
Contemporary Award

Christian LaRoche
Pioneer Award

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